Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Afterall, everyone grows up someday...

If there was one job I wish I could have... I'd be a writer.

Okay, I'm fibbing. I wish for lots of other jobs too... stay-at-home mom, elementary school counselor, professional scrapbooker, world-traveller... shall I go on?

When I was in high school, I went through a spell where I was dead-set on becoming a journalist. "Fantastic!" I thought. "I'd get paid to do something I actually enjoy - share my thoughts with people."

Then I realized... that's not what journalism is about at all. For the most part, anyways. It's factual, informational, and really just sharing "news" that an employeer deems important to the general public. Which is great. But has it's own politics... all the same.

So I scratched that. And here I am, years later, a slave for a different kind of an employeer, but a slave all the same.

But this will be my outlet.

And MAYBE... just maybe... someday, somehow, after I'm all "grown up"... I'll have this to look back on. To share with my children. Be proud of my thoughts.

Until then... well... I'll continue being a slave to the working industry and walking down the path of self-discovery.

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