Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give thanks in all circumstances...

...for this is God's will for you.

So true.

I feel like I am being tried in every way possible lately. By my children. By my job. By my significant other, if that's what he is. By myself.

But everyday, I wake up and remind myself to give thanks. And I do. I decide, "Today will be a good day." Sure, it's not always perfect, but it's only as bad as I let it be. I can choose to let disappointments make me bitter and angry... or I can turn them into something better.

I choose the second. After aaaaaages of NOT doing so... I ONLY choose the second.

Now if I could just remind myself to not be too hard on myself while doing so.

Happy Thanksgiving. I know I am so blessed. Even in my failures.

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